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Insurance is the most common way people plan for “unplanned” events in their life.  Many people have vehicle insurance, not only because the law requires it, but also in case they get in an accident.  Many more pay vehicle insurance premiums for decades without ever making a claim.  

At Young Law Chambers assisting you with a Will or other estate planning documents is just as important as having insurance. You can expect to receive sound advice to ensure your wishes are carried out in the event of your death or incapacity in a way that is least impactful to your loved ones.  When a loved one dies it can be stressful and even more stressful when their affairs are not in order before their passing.

If a loved one dies without a Will on many occasions it is necessary to make an application to the court to deal with their estate.  

You can get the help you need not only for a Will, Enduring Power of Attorney and Personal Directive, but also help probating an estate (whether or not the deceased had a Will).

Young Law Chambers offers the following flat rate fees on straightforward estate planning documents as follows:

Please note we provide a 10% discount for those age 60 and over and for veterans the above estate planning documents.

Young Law Chambers also offers the following flat rate fee for probating an estate as follows:

1 Client: 

  • Will $350.00
  • Personal Directive $150.00
  • Power of Attorney $300.00
  • Estate Planning Package – All Three Documents $650.00

2 Clients (mirroring estate documents): 

  • Wills $600.00
  • Personal Directives $250.00
  • Powers of Attorney $500.00
  • Estate Planning Package – All Three Documents $1,200.00

Disbursements are included in our fees listed above. You will not be charged additional fees, other than G.S.T., beyond the prices listed above, unless a Certified Copy of Title must be pulled or documents are required on a RUSH basis.

There is no charge for at home or in hospital visits (other than the cost for parking if applicable).

Advanced Trusts and Estate Planning

You may require advanced estate planning. Advanced estate planning involving complex issues are billed at an hourly rate. An example of an advanced estate planning is creating a trust for children, blended families, when there is a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement involved, or when there is a significant amount of assets or business ownership involved. Please contact Young Law Chambers for an estimate of the fees for your circumstance.

Will Updates

Updates to your Estate Planning documents are done on an hourly rate (plus GST) to accurately reflect the simplicity or complexity of the updates you require.

Probate & Estate Administration Fee Schedule

Core Legal Services

Young Law Chambers’ standard fee for Core Legal Services is a flat fee of $2,500.00 plus around 1% of the first $1,000,000.000 of the value of the Estate and 0.5% of the remaining value thereafter. This calculation is based off of the gross value of the Estate and is used as an estimate of the fees incurred. 

Please keep in mind the final legal bill may fluctuate depending on the complexity or simplicity of the Estate 

Core Legal Services include the general steps to obtain a Grant of Probate and administer an Estate pursuant to the Surrogate Rules, which is available at the Queen’s Printer website for your review.

An Executor can retain a lawyer to handle the Estate from start to finish or just to get the Grant of Probate. Fees for only acquiring a Grant of Probate are usually around half of the standard fee for Core Legal Services described above.

Items outside of the Core Legal Services

Legal fees can increase beyond what is set out above if Items outside of the Core Legal Services are rendered. For example, the sale of land, disputed court applications, obtaining a trusteeship order on behalf of a beneficiary, defending claims against the estate, or negotiating with beneficiaries.


The fee for the Core Legal Services does not include disbursements or G.S.T. Common disbursements are court filing fees, courier charges, postage, photocopies, and any other payment incurred on behalf of the client necessary to finalize an Estate.

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